Sorry to Send this Strange Message…

Yesterday I sent one of my I know this is strange to get on Facebook private messages inquiring if a woman was related to a decedent. Her Facebook name was different than the one I’d been searching for so I gave her the name the medical examiner gave as well as the name I believed to be her maiden name. I try to give as little information as possible but enough for the individual to know it’s not a prank message. I ask for their phone or email so that I can give the contact information to the medical examiner and they can make the call. But I also give my email and phone in case they are worried about giving out their information without knowing who I am.

She wrote back last night and gave me her phone number. It was about 11pm. She asked me to call in the morning. “No bad news. Not tonight,” she wrote.

I had a voicemail from her when I awoke. She was crying. “Miss Deb,” she said in a soft southern drawl, “this is about my brother, isn’t it?”

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