1. Thank you, Lisa Levy and Jordan Foster for your thoughtful consideration, notes, and publication of my stories about searching for kin.

  2. Thanks, Samantha Ducloux Waltz for your excellent stewardship of our stories in Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily Experience. You’re the best!

  3. A note of appreciation to Christi (Olson) Olsen-Baron, editor of Forks Forum for generously fielding questions and providing information about Forks, Wa for Return to the Motherland.

  4. Thanks, Erica Garza, for your expertise in bringing my story Return to the Motherland to the readers of Luna Luna.

  5. Thanks to Trevor Dodge, Kevin Sampsell, and Jeff Baker for their excellent workshops at Clackamas Community College’s Creative Writing Conference. Compose is one of the best values for your dollar in writing conferences. Don’t miss it next year!

  6. LTYM-14_0010

    Kudos to director Carisa Miller and producer Kelli Martinelli for planning and executing Portland’s first LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER show. You were amazing!

    Gratitude to the lovelies who shared the stage including Kelli, Carisa, Melissa SherJenny Forrester,Tracey Barnes PriestleyJessica RobertsSage Cohen, Nadia Martinez Chantry, Renée ButcherMeghan Yow, Clarissa Moll, Leanne Goolsby, and Nikki Schulak. Your courage made mine possible. Thanks to Johann Leiter for the great photos that document our day.

    Thanks to the friends and family in the audience: Darla RollinsMary CarnesDani Marchus-RexineHeather Thomas WhitlockMaria PolyakTroy ZdzieblowskiSunny OlsenShianne Olsen-KacalekDenise Stoenner-BargerMaria Barger, Janet Winner, Dennis Stone, Jon Stone, Alyssa Stone, and Rene Stone.

    Each of you contributed to making the day a one-of-a-kind experience. Applause all around!
    LTYM-14_0134 (1)

  7. I took Liz Prato’s micro class on the ABC’s of Literary Journal Submissions last week. It was an excellent portal into the mindset of marketing that writers must enter when they’re ready to send out their work. She leads with a no nonsense nuts-and-bolts guide to effective query letters, through the realities of deciphering rejection letters, and into the realm of publication agreements. Her warm, interactive style engages the most reticent and gregarious students with ease, and her experience as a writer and an editor makes her one of the best go-to workshop leaders around. Thanks, Liz!

  8. Thanks Samantha Ducloux Waltz for accepting my essay for your anthology Stepping Up: Stories of Blended Families. You are such an inspiration!

  9. Thanks to each of you who agreed to have your photos in the slide show. Your faces make my heart happy. More, they show the world what amazing and resilient human beings you are.

  10. Super thanks to Ufuk Erdogmus at Weptile for his quick reply to my techie question.

  11. Thanks to Allison and Allison with Mom Baby God, and Ashley at Bitch Media for the tickets to last night’s show. Madeline Burrows was amazing.

  12. Lucky to have two people that I met years ago who have no reason whatsoever to help me, and yet, each time I reach out, they say yes. My gratitude to Sheila Hanahan Taylor and Frederick Levy for all the times you said yes when it would have been easier to say no.

  13. Forever gratitude to Cynthia Whitcomb whose faith in me and my writing inspired me to begin.

  14. Wow! Shaindel Beers, thanks for the unexpected shout-out for my memoir manuscript.

  15. Jen Kauppi, if I ever get lost in the woods (or anywhere) I want you on the trail. Okay?

    P.S. Thanks for noticing the little things that are so easy to miss.

  16. Rene Stone, thanks a million for holding down the fort while I was gone.

  17. Hey, Mary Carnes, I can always count on you to help out. Thanks for being my hostess, cook, and driver while I was up at AWP. You’re the best!

  18. Super thanks go out to Alex Behr, Christine Fletcher, Colleen Strom, Dan Berne, Kevin Burke, Laura Wood, Deborah Guyol, and LaVonne Griffin-Valade for your thoughtful notes and careful eyes on the page, and to Karen Karbo, who’s gone the extra mile time after time after time.

  19. Thanks, Kelli Martinelli, and Carissa Miller for the opportunity to audition for Portland’s first Listen To Your Mother show.

  20. A huge shout-out to Dani Rexine of Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Thumb handmade one-of-a-kind up-cycled mittens, for gussying me up and pointing the camera my way. Thanks, Dani!

    • You’re very welcome! You were an easy “target” for both still and shots in motion. I had a blast behind the lens, and will always remember the moments I had to pause, lower the camera and breathe in your stories.
      ~ Dani

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